NoJetsTO Launches Website, Campaign

From the NoJetsTO website:


  • is a non-profit coalition of citizens and groups
  • intends to stop the introduction of jets to the Toronto Island Airport

NoJetsTO opposes:

  • extended runways

NoJetsTO is in favour of preserving the Toronto waterfront as:

  • a clean, green area
  • a source of safe drinking water from Lake Ontario
  • an area of fresh air along the shores
  • a low noise area for people to join together in sports
  • an evolving natural habitat for waterfowl, migrating birds, butterflies, and all marine life
  • a secure zone of safety at nearby schools, recently threatened by increased traffic volume
  • an environmentally healthy home, for many new residents, and for generations strong
  • a culturally inviting recreational area for the enjoyment of millions of visitors year round
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