March 2016 BQNA Minutes

The following are the minutes from the BQNA board meeting that took place on March 24, 2016. It can also be downloaded as a PDF here.

Minutes of BQNA meeting – March 24, 2016. Recorded by Heather Johnson.

In attendance: Heather Johnson, Ingrid Van der Zande, Bob Kennedy, Irene Pohjola, Joan Prowse, Jules Sinclair

Guests: Brent Gilliard (Joe Cressy’s office), Bryan Bowen (Waterfront Secretariat), Sue McAlpine (City Planning).

Call to order at 7:00 PM

  1. We approved the agenda of March 24, 2016. Moved by Bob, seconded by
  1. We approved the minutes of February 18, 2016. Moved by Ingrid, seconded by
  1. An overview of the progress on the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan since the December public meeting was given by Sue and Brian.
    • The neighbourhood work plan is established by priorities and looks at what may offer highest impact for the community, starting with quickest and easier to implement. (1 year is new, 5-10 years is medium and 20 is long term).
    • The intersection at Fleet St and Lakeshore Blvd was discussed. Not only does it affect our neighbourhood, but it is part of the Fort York neighbourhood. The plan is to have a pilot project to close Fleet St with barriers such as planters temporarily.
    • The streetscape of Eirean Quay is being looked at for better signage and street furniture.
    • The silo site is being assessed to understand it’s current state. Engineers will be doing a report on the stability of the structures. Unfortunately there was water in them, which has delayed the examination.
    • The area around the silos is not a large area and is not appropriate for a large development. It needs a ground up approach utilizing neighbourhood residents’
    • The city is engaging with agencies such as Artscape, Evergreen, and Foodshare to look at city building and project innovation. The City is arranging conversations with these organizations to get ideas regarding a strong framework for the neighbourhood plan. Residences may not be the best use of the site. Health Centres, Community Hubs, and the Centre for Social Innovation are resources for ideas.
    • There will be a facility needs assessment of the Community Centre in relation to the proposed aquatic centre, to look at current and future needs. The needs of an aging population will be included in the assessment.
    • The pinch point at the east end of the Community Centre where the bike lane joins the sidewalk will be worked on this summer, 2016. A wave deck is planned so a base will be built which will widen the area and provide more safety.
    • The park at Stadium Road also has a tight point and this is being looked at. Once it has been fixed it will be known at that point how much is left in funds to upgrade the park itself.
    • The issue of height of buildings south of the community centre was discussed. They cannot be higher than the silos. There was concern about shading of the park at this height. Shading is a restriction in development and must be considered. Height limit of buildings will also be impacted by airport restrictions in relation to possible missed approaches. Zoning will have to be looked at and may have to change should this be an issue.
    • There is hope for a public meeting in June to update and get input on plans.
    • Sue and Brian then left. We thanked them for coming out on a rainy night, which was the eve of a long weekend.
  1. Community Liaison Committee: Joan and Jim attended the meeting. NavCanada was there and reported that there were not many noise complaints and that the airport is the 15th busiest in Canada. Ports Toronto reported on their plans to improve the run-up containments and lighting as part of the airport improvements plan. Construction will occur overnight and last for three years from May 2016 to fall of 2019. A noise barrier of 11 metres for run-ups will be constructed. The cost of the work is 12 million dollars and there will be public consultation.
  1. Brent filled us in on the water main construction scheduled for September. It will run from the lake up Eirean Quay and Bathurst St to Lakeshore Blvd. There are various proposals for the timing of the work. It will mainly be done at night. It could be done in the daytime on weekends using buses instead of streetcars.   We proposed using buses at all times to speed the construction and have less confusion as to what TTC options will be running. Brent asked us to consult with neighbours as to preferences.
  1. Environment Day: will be on April 2nd at Harbord Collegiate.

Next meeting: April 21, 2016

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.