Island Airport Tunnel Construction Update

[box type=”alert”]If you would like to file a noise complaint with the Toronto Port Authority, click here. Additionally, if your complaint has specifically to do with construction noise, please click here. In any case, please contact the City of Toronto by dialing 311, or visiting[/box]

tunnelthumbRepresentatives from the BQNA and York Quay Neighbourhood Association (YQNA) met with representatives of the Toronto Port Authority (TPA) and the contractor for the construction of the tunnel to the island airport on Tuesday, May 28.

The TPA and tunnel contractor advised that the shafts on each side of the tunnel were now almost complete, as well as the smaller “drift tunnels” located over the top of the main tunnel. Three of the smaller tunnels will carry municipal services of water and sewage to and from the island.

There was once again discussion about the noise caused by construction through the night. TPA representatives claimed that since much of the work was now going on underground, the amount of noise caused by any construction would be minimal. It was pointed out that there was cause for concern from vehicles coming and going, as well as equipment related to moving material through the night. It has been made clear to the BQNA that this has continued to disturb and interrupt sleep for residents of the Bathurst Quay neighbourhood, which was presented to the TPA.

It was also pointed out that the City of Toronto by-law states that no construction work can be done from 7 PM to 7 AM. A representative for the City of Toronto advised that an agreement had been made by the City and the TPA for construction work to be done up until 11 PM. BQNA representative Heino Molls commented that, as there had been no community consultation on this agreement, the by-law of no work after 7 PM should be enforced. TPA representatives suggested that construction work would continue into the night, regardless.

A City of Toronto By-Law Enforcement Supervisor advised that, following discussion amongst staff, a ruling would be forthcoming.

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